Five CitY Live: See Bear Brook on tour

Bear Brook is hitting the road for its debut tour in May, starting outside the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., and traveling to Baltimore; Asbury Park, N.J.; Brooklyn, N.Y.;  and finishing up in Boston. Join Jason Moon and Taylor Quimby for a fascinating stage show as they discuss the stories behind their reporting, including:

Jason Moon and Taylor Quimby pose for a   Reddit AMA   in January.

Jason Moon and Taylor Quimby pose for a Reddit AMA in January.

  • How a one-time news conference assignment turned into a multi-year, long-form reporting project.

  • How the sprawling, intricate investigation into the case took shape.

  • The role of forensic technology and genetic genealogy in solving crimes—and the science and ethics of both.  

  • The team’s personal impressions of various relevant sites to the case in New Hampshire, including the area where the bodies were found and the grave sites of the first two victims.

  • The story behind the podcast’s original music, which was composed and performed by Moon and Quimby.

  • What’s next for final resolution of the case?

The conversation will be moderated by NHPR’s Rebecca Lavoie, the creator and host of the popular true crime podcast Crime Writers On.


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